The point of no return Posted November 13, 2013


We are past it.  That time in the fall when you still might see a warm day, unbutton your jacket and point your face at the sun.

The temperatures have taken the decisive turn south.  Hat, mittens and scarf are now required.  Hat, mittens and scarf can be fun, though – there are loads of options out there for matching or contrasting with your jacket or your sweater.

What I find difficult, however, are the feet.  How do you dress up this?


Yes, the flowers are a nice touch, and yes, you will not slip and fall in snow or on ice.  But those womp-womps with a wool skirt and leggings?  Or anything silky, cashmere-like, classy….

The one thing that seriously distresses me about winter is wearing sensible shoes.  Day in and day out.  Non-skid treads, no heels.  Zero WOW!  Relegated to schlepping the WOW! shoes to work, or out to meet friends in a plastic bag.

Argh.  Here we go…


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