The year in review – 2013 Posted December 28, 2013


A few short months in business under our belts, and with the coming new year, it is time to sit back and reflect.

2013 at The Loft

  • Renovations, renovations, renovations.  The focus from the beginning was getting the restaurant space ready as quickly as possible.  For that reason…
  • Lonnie was able to open up The Bullhouse in February!  We quickly became regular customers.  She offers great wines by the glass, great prices on wines by the bottle, and can I talk enough about the table side guacamole?  Clearly my favorite!
  • Our summer was dedicated to The Loft renovations.  Okay, the collective “our” was more about Stephen and Greg.  (And the job would never have been completed without Ernesto.)  Heating, plumbing, electrical, masonry… what a project!  We discovered some historical tidbits along the way (someone was a bookie in the building).  The end results are stunning.
  • We welcomed our first guests in August, a feat we did not expect since we could only launch an online presence once we had photos of the finished product.
  • Settling in and generating a following – Google AdWords, Google Places, and most importantly, ADK by Owner really do generate leads and bookings.  A solid website with an engaged webmaster is critical.
  • Stephen and I discovered how supportive the local business community is!  Previously we were just outsiders, coming up to enjoy the area.  Now we are locals, and people greet us, give us recommendations, offer support and ideas.  What a great community!

It has been a busy 2013, and we have grown and learned quite a bit.  Prospects for the coming year look great!  Bring on 2014!

The Loft at the Remington wishes you a Happy New Year!

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