Something funny is in the water in North Warren County.  Something funny, but tasty.

The restaurant scene has exploded this summer!

This has always been a great place for eating out.  OP Fredericks outside of Chestertown has a great tavern atmosphere, with daily specials that please all, and homemade desserts that are worth paying off with a 5 mile run the next day.  The Place just down the road from OPs has comfort Italian food that never goes out of style.  Cafe Adirondack and Bang Bang Shrimp?  Winner winner, chicken dinner, located in Pottersville.  BarVino in North Creek is a slice of NYC in the middle of the Adirondacks, serving small plates that will tempt you to order everything on the menu and share as a table.  (Full disclosure: Anna Bowers, co-owner of BarVino is my co-blogger on Sauced in New York.  She does, however, deserve full accolades for her restaurant, regardless of the fact that she is uber cool and fun to blog with!)  Basil and Wicks restaurant just outside of North Creek is the natural stopping point after a day of skiing, but in the summer it also has a steady following of regulars, and a guaranteed fun time in the bar.  For lunch and sometimes a dinner, Main Street Ice Cream Parlor packs them in daily, then tempts you to shop when you have finished eating.  I would argue that The Bullhouse in Chestertown has moved into the category of “local, long-term, dependable and fun” with the other long-time players listed here.  Table side guacamole is my favorite, and there is an attention to special dietary restrictions while not foregoing flavor.

That is a lot of options for dining!  And not just okay options, but great meals are guaranteed at all of these places.

The contagion has spread, and new players are in the game!

  • The Silver Star in Chestertown, known affectionately as “the chicken”, is back open, and no longer with strict diner fare. Look for upscale dining instead, as well as a full bar.  Open for lunch on weekends, too.
  • Suzie Q’s, on the way to Brant Lake, is home to a chef trained in Madrid, Spain.  Yeah, so I’m sold.  When we went there for dinner, paella was one of the dinner specials.  My original response was to harumph and proclaim that I could certainly cook a better paella than anyone in the area.  Then I met the chef, and we talked Madrid.  He is the real deal.  Order any of the specials that originate in Spain, including sangria!
  • The Deer Crossing Cafe in Chestertown is under new ownership, and now serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I hear rave reviews about Polish Thursdays for dinner!
  • Buttino’s Italian Bistro in Chestertown occupies the building formerly known as Luna Pizzeria.  Thankfully, Buttino’s is also putting out some excellent pizzas, as well as solid Italian fare.  I have to get there to check out the GF pizza soon!
  • The Lazy Moose Garden Market heading into Brant Lake is conceptualized as the new Brant Lake General Store.  The original store burned to the ground, leaving a hole in the hearts of locals.  It was a place where you could find O rings, and at the same time get a great sandwich and ice cream.  This looks to be a promising substitution on the local scene, with local home items, a well stocked deli, seating for eating, and a tremendous selection of garden items.
  • The Hub in Brant Lake has an intriguing mixture of services: bicycles are the centerpiece, so if you need a tune-up, come here.  But this is no standard bike shop.  This is a gathering place, with food, beer and wine, ice cream and gelato, and even live music sometimes.
  • Sticks and Stones in Schroon Lake has some seriously creative advertising going on, but backs it up with excellent food served in Adirondack decor.  The wood fired pizzas can steal the show, and once again, there is GF pizza as an option!
  • Hemlock Ledge in Chestertown is known to put out a killer burger and great soups.  Chase them both down with craft beers.

Now, where should we go for dinner tonight?


  • Poul Carstensen August 5, 2014 at 12:04 am

    Yes, we are blest with great places to eat. May I include one more? Hemlock Ledge in Chestertown for the excellent urgers and very good soups. A great selection of craft beers rounds out a nice meal.



    • Claire Ziamandanis August 5, 2014 at 1:13 pm

      PC – I knew I was missing someone! I should have driven into town to do a visual, because you are right that Hemlock Ledge is a great new player on the scene. Thank you – the post has been updated!


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