Winter passion Posted January 26, 2015


For so many visitors, skiing is the be-all and end-all.  Gore Mountain has been in great shape since very early in the season.  The cross country places are also loving life, with ample snow and well groomed trails.

At our place, however, there is a new fixation.  It started last year, but was still somewhat balanced.  This year, it has ballooned into a full blown obsession.

Ice fishing.  Tip ups.  Live bait.  (Save your receipt, however, because if En Con stops by, you need to produce it, as well as your fishing license.)  Add-ons now include a power auger to drill the holes.  (Previously my husband would send our son out to hand drill them!)  A fish finder showed up not long ago.  And for the windy days, a pop-up shanty.

I’m not complaining – I bring out food and coffee at regular intervals.  (Even though more ice fisherman consume beer than coffee.)   I do not complain, either, about the rewards.  Check some of them out:



And he even gets them ready for dinner:


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